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Hey all! I've opened a brand new group for all things related to Faheem and the stories, art and fanart he's featured in, including those other characters he's related to. Because his character is in further development going forward, I felt it best to make a new group as a sort of umbrella for it all. :D If you're already a member of TMatS-Fanclub be sure to join this new group! The old one will be shut down later, to give everyone enough time to move on over. :heart:

Hope to see you there! XD

Commissions are now OPEN!! 

:bulletyellow: I'm currently taking an unlimited number of sketch commissions, as I'm in desperate need. I don't have enough money for rent and have less than 2 weeks to make up the difference. My quickest commission types are sketches, speed-paints, lines and shades, and WW-style. :bulletyellow:

Buy one, get one half off on sketches! But WAIT, only if you share my journal and comment with the link for proof!

Please review the rules and carefully read the journal! Then send me a note with the type of commission you want and the character references if applicable. These spots are NOT first come first serve, they're decided by what commission interests me the most. Thank you!

September 2017 slots:
1. :iconleemie0704: (Ongoing Commission Project)
2. (empty) 
3. (empty)
4. (empty)
5. (empty)

Commission Rules

This journal and the prices/commission types are subject to CHANGE!

That being said, let me first state my rules:
:bulletblue: I have the right to refuse any commission if the subject makes me uncomfortable. Those would include:
- Pornography/yaoi/yuri, sexual themes (even clothed).
- Fetishes, including but not limited to: sexual fetishes, gross fetishes, pregnant males, "gender-bending", cross-dressing, etc.
- Extreme Violence, Guts and Gore
- Machinery and Robots
- Fanbases I hate, or have zero knowledge of
:bulletblue: I may make some exceptions, depending on what it is.
- I'm okay with some blood, but nothing too graphic.
- Some machinery and certain robots are okay, as long as they aren't too much. Wall-E robots are okay, but realistic Transformers are a lot to handle, for example.
- Some fanbases I don't like may still be worked around, depending on the commission.

:bulletblue: I only start a commission if I've been paid first. No exceptions.
:bulletblue: I can do trade-commissions, but only on an exceptions basis or if we're good friends. This is where you pay for a portion, and then make up the rest of the payment with art or other goodies.
:bulletblue: I can work with deadlines, but that must be one of the FIRST things discussed. I cannot guarantee your commission done by a certain date if you don't tell me about it first!
:bulletblue: I DO take commissions for commercial use, such as logos and banners for websites, but I need to know what it will be used for. The price will be discussed and agreed upon.
:bulletblue: If you have no visual references for me, there is a fee to have me design for you. I won't create your character, but I'd be happy to help with their appearance if that's all you need.
:bulletblue: If you change your mind on a commission and want something else, AFTER I started it, I will charge you a fee (for essentially wasting my time) depending on how much work was already put into it.
:bulletblue: I will send you the un-watermarked version of your commission. You must first ask permission if you desire to re-upload anywhere online in whatever form. (eg. icons, etc.) Otherwise, direct friends to my gallery. :)
:bulletblue: I complete commissions on a first-come first-serve basis. Exceptions to this rule are smaller commissions being done during breaks from deluxe commissions. But for sketches all the way up to portraits, I will complete them in order.

:star: If I say NO to a commission, I mean it. Private or public commissions, I will not drop my morals or beliefs for money PERIOD. Harassment on this issue or heated debate will result in you being banned from my page and from future commissions. I shouldn't have to defend myself on what I will and will not draw. If I won't do it, then find an artist that will. I won't be offended if you do. :)

:bulletblue::bulletblue: I only take Paypal. Note me for details. :bulletblue::bulletblue:

Commission Types

:bulletblue: Sketches, $10 per character. 30-minute speed-paints, $15. These are designed to be SAME-DAY commissions, or within 24 hours depending on time of payment.

Sketch Trade - Athena by Anilede  Otheno trolls Ellise - Collab Sketch by Anilede Collab Sketch - A Hard Bargain by Anilede
Speed-paint= Jele, Keeper of the Relic by Anilede  .:Commission:. Caasi Speed-paint by Anilede  .:Commission:. Kinto Speed-paint by Anilede

:bulletblue:WW/PH Art Style. Single characters w/ no background (texture only), $20. With background, $30. (extra characters are $10 each)
WW style= .:Commission:. WW Svenya by Anilede  .:Commission:. Rough-Housing by Anilede  The Journey Home by Anilede
PH style= .:Commission:.HappyMask Family by Anilede  Damsel in Distress by Anilede  Four Swords Trolling by Anilede

:bulletblue: LINELESS Classic WW Art Style, aka in-game (like the original GC release). These come with a background! Single characters, $30. (extra characters are $10 each) I can do these commissions to look like the HD Wind Waker, but it will cost an extra $10 due to the additional time it will take.
.:Trade:. Garo by Anilede  Father and Son by Anilede

:bulletblue: Lines and Cell-shades, $40. Full body, no background, single character. Want me to make a visual design for your character? Design-work is done in this style for the ease of changes (such as color) as needed. An extra fee of $20 will apply for design-work. Other fees will accrue in the event of re-drawing from the beginning or if too many changes are requested.
Gero and Lena by Anilede Ovonre by Anilede .:LoH:. Ganondorf by Anilede Zora Family by Anilede

:bulletblue: Reference Sheets, (to be discussed). I can do reference sheets for an extra fee if you have commissioned a "Lines and Cell-shades" with design work. Currently the only ref-sheets I've done have been for Zora-baby growth cycles, and they are my only examples to date.
  Gero-- Zora Baby Cycle by Anilede  Ovonre-- Zora Baby Cycle by Anilede

:bulletblue: Portraits, $60-$100 (to be discussed). There are different type of portraits such as: tight portraits (focusing mostly on the face), from the chest, or from the waist. Comes with a simple background. Extra characters will cost more--the price is subject to the type of portrait style.
Tight:  The Hunter by Anilede  .:Commission:. Kotari of the Ritos by Anilede
From the chest:  .:Commission:. Hairspray by Anilede  .:Trade:. Enasni by Anilede
From the Waist:  .:Trade:. Star-Crossed Lovers by Anilede  Sorceress Esme by Anilede

:bulletblue: Full-body, $85. These do not have backgrounds, but it is a full rendering of the character. Add an additional character interacting with the first, for $25.
.Faheem. by Anilede  .:Commission:. Ryukenden by Anilede  .:Commission:. Slave by Anilede  .:Commission:. Gentle Love by Anilede

:bulletblue: DELUXE COMMISSION, starting at $125. These come with all of the bells, whistles, and sparkles (jk). Backgrounds come detailed, and the painting itself is VERY large. The price on deluxe commissions is subject to change. By nature, these take a lot of my time, and as a mom my time is precious. Twili characters are very easy, thus less expensive. Full-body realism, on the other hand, would likely be the most expensive. Comes with one single character, extra characters do not have a set price. Will discuss further pricing.
Generally, these commissions can range anywhere from $120 to $300.
.:Commission:. Girl Talk by Anilede  Twilit Garden by Anilede  When Love is Subtle by Anilede  A Thief and Assassin by Anilede  Sands of Destiny by Anilede

:bulletred::bulletred: If there's anything in my gallery that you like, but its type isn't listed here and/or you're not sure what you want, just ask about it! I'd be happy to work with you. :bulletred::bulletred:
Thanks all for the birthday wishes!! :heart: 

My day started out rough but let's be honest, birthdays as an adult aren't always amazing lol, however by the end of the day it was so much better. My parents treated my husband and I to dinner for my birthday while my siblings babysat our kids. It was great to get out and relax a bit! I guess I didn't realize just how tense I was. :shrug:

In other news, Thane recently had some awesome developments and can now sit up on his own! Well mostly anyway, haha! But he is capable of getting up to a sitting position from laying down, which is HUGE :wow: and last week he sat up unassisted for 80 seconds! His physical therapist timed it and we were blown away at how well he is doing right now. :D On the seizure front, he's still having them but they're very, VERY mild compared to what they used to be. All of my kids are healthy, thank goodness. I'm getting healthier as time goes on. Can't overdo it yet as my lungs are still sensitive from the pneumonia I had in June, but eventually I'll be able to do heavier exercise and get back in shape. :dummy:

Working on art, slowly but surely! I have a ton of sketches and paintings in progress right now. It's going slower than I would like though orz. Is anyone interested in my sketches? I could post those in the meantime if anyone would actually look at them :U

Anyway, hope you're all doing well! <3
Well for the most part XD We still have a few boxes to unpack, but we're close! It's been a crazy few weeks though!

Toward the end of July, the place we were looking into fell through and we literally had only one week to find a new place. We did thankfully, and we started moving in just a few days later. Then we had to get our old place all cleaned out. Despite doing an excellent job at cleaning the apartment, we were still nailed with some cleaning charges. >U But our new place is the biggest we've ever had and we love it! The one major downside to moving is that our mattress, which was already getting bad, totally fell apart. The inside springs were trying to go out the side instead of up, and the middle of the bed sank in. You can imagine sleeping was quite painful and now my back is in terrible shape :noes: We have a new mattress now, and I saw a chiropractor today, but I have to go again because there's a lot more work to do on my back orz

Onto the main point of my journal, being that my desk is set up again and I have already started getting back to art! I will have a painting done this week and I'm also working on commission stuff. For those waiting on note replies, commission updates etc., give me a couple days to get caught up. I have a lot to catch up on ^^;

Also, we added to our family today and got a pair of Zebra Finches! :heart: I have the cage nearby my desk and hearing their chirping helps me a lot with my anxiety. I haven't had finches in a very long time, so this is a welcome change :aww: They were an early birthday present XDD Kind of weird my birthday is at the end of this month and we're already half way through! o.O

Hope you're all doing well! :dummy:
Hey guys! So if you didn't know, having pneumonia in the middle of summer really sucks. Having it right after having a baby sucks even worse. Especially when you had a c-section, because of all the coughing :noes: But I'm doing a whole lot better now, though I still have coughing fits now and again. Depression-wise, I'm also much improved from a month ago and I'm so thankful for that! It's been rough, but it seems I'm finally on the mend for good. I better be, because I am so done with medical garbage and don't want to be sick for my birthday next month >U

For those that have kept up with me by ways of comments, notes, chatting on skype or tumblr, thank you. Thank you SO much for being there when I've been struggling this much! You have no idea how much it has meant to have people to talk to, especially when I've struggled to sleep at night hooray postpartum insomnia and pneumonia sleeplessness! and often don't sleep at all. Camara-san has been especially helpful, though it helps that there's an 8-hour time difference and it's day-time for her when I've struggled to sleep. We've gone over a TON of art and story-related stuff and being able to do so has motivated me to get to my art again. I've started sketching, I've actually completed something new in several months!
WW- Twili Twins by Anilede
Like these babies for example :giggle: On that note, Camara-san and I have literally about 10 chapters of story already written that are near ready to publish online since I've resumed editing~ So far only the first two chapters of "A Remedy for Madness" are up. If you don't know, this story delves into the background of Otheno and Faheem, where they came from, and leading up to the events of Twilight Princess AND "The Master and the Sorceress". The story explains why and how Otheno becomes powerful, and becomes insane. It's filled with a ton of emotions, but also becomes intense and even scary the further Otheno falls into madness. :D Anyway, it's exciting and going over all this stuff over the last few weeks has been really helpful for me. I hope you all enjoy the story as we go into it! 

I'm still busy with life at home, but actually being able to draw again has only made me feel better than I have in months :heart: Love you guys! I'll be around more, as much as I can anyway. CaterBug and I have to move at the end of this month so we'll get busy with that for a couple weeks, but in August I'll definitely have more art to finish and having a bigger space will do much good for motivation XD 

Hope you're all doing well! :aww:
I apologize for the lack of updates and for failing to respond to messages and things. Postpartum depression hit me like a ton of bricks and I've been really struggling to cope with it. It's bad enough I had to be treated for it, but overall the medicine is starting to help and I'm beginning to think more clearly. Most importantly, feeling more like myself again. If you've ever had depression, imagine depression but magnified by out-of-whack hormones the ladies will understand that struggle and just hurting everywhere. Not sleeping at night, but being so tired during the day you can't function well. That's been my life over the last month. :(

On the art side of things, I promise I am trying. This has not been an easy recovery for me and managing a newborn, a special needs toddler-sized baby, and two other children is no small feat. But it's getting better as my depression clears up. Hopefully it won't be long before I find the energy for art! I've wanted to draw so much, but I've been blocked by the depression and just can't seem to draw anything. :( And I'm the only one that's sick with a cold right now, which is weird. It's probably related to the depression and not having a great immune system right now orz.

I do have a lot of art waiting to be finished though, including some BotW-related art. I expect as I get better mentally/emotionally and physically, there will be tons of art before the end of August! I appreciate you all being so kind and patient with me as I work through my recovery. :heart:
Hey guys! As I'm starting to feel better, I'm going to pick up my artwork again soon. I have a commission to finish first, and then other things that I either owe or have planned for myself. It's been really nice to recover and have peace and quiet. :D All of my kids are healthy, aside from a cold that my daughter caught hoping it doesn't get passed around, and each day that passes I'm able to do more around the house.

I may do some WW-styled stuff to get into the groove of art before getting into the detailed stuff though. I find it's a lot easier to find my groove when I start with that. XD

Anyway, I hope you're all doing well! ^^ 
Hey guys, I know I wasn't really around during March...I had a lot going on with my kids and trying as best I could to manage everything at home while my husband has been busy with school, work and his internship. I apologise for not responding sooner to notes and comments! I'll probably have time to do that now though...

Thursday night I was admitted to the hospital for monitoring because for some reason my liver enzymes are high. It could indicate a variety of bad things like preeclampsia, which​ would become dangerous for me and baby. :( They're watching carefully and running tests every day. Because it's possible my baby will have to be delivered early, they've given me steroids to hasten his lung development just in case. I'm only 35 weeks as of tomorrow and baby isn't due for another 4-5 weeks.

I have the dA app on my phone, since I have a phone that can handle it now, lol! Would've been nice to have last year when Thane was in the hospital. :shrug: But anyway, I wanted to keep you guys in the loop.

If​ you follow Thane's FB page, you'll find it's not currently viewable online. This is unfortunately because one of my in-laws had to be cut off from my family and they're really aggressive, trying to get info on my kids. When that drama dies down, I'll put the page back up :) I'm totally fine with being FB friends so as long as you're my friend over here and I trust you. Send me a note if you want to keep in touch that way! :aww:
This may seem blunt or harsh, but it needs to be said. I don't like going public with things like this, but I have no choice at this point.

Ever notice how a thief always runs away when they're caught or called out for what they did? That is because they're guilty and they know it, but don't want to face it. Many of them will simply be in denial of any wrongdoing. Others cry victim and hide on alternate accounts. Then you have the volatile ones that will harass you, and/or send their friends after you when you try and defend yourself.

Don't rip me off and think you'll get away with it by Anilede

It's been a few weeks now since I called out my thief. I've tried reaching out to see if we could talk it over, but I have only been ignored. My notes have gone unread and unopened. My last note was more than a week ago. To my disappointment, :iconfayelenefyre: will not acknowledge the fact that I have been hurt by her backstabbing. She's one of those thieves that have some of all the above traits. She's run and hidden behind alternate accounts (I'm looking at you, TheFatedBlades and Wolf-Artist-101) though these accounts were never a secret to begin with. They're common knowledge among those that know her. She has claimed to be a victim in order to make people feel sorry for her. <---Though if you claim to "love" someone and want "peace", ignoring them after hurting them isn't a good way to show it. And every time someone doesn't give her praise for her artwork, attempts to offer critique or otherwise, there's always something suddenly terrible going on in her life and she runs away from the internet for weeks on end. Someone that legitimately has anxiety over the internet should probably see a doctor about that, but again, she doesn't listen when people try to help. She also has sent her friends after people and many of those "friends" harass, belittle and name call to the point that they should be banned from dA.

Some of her friends have recently started watching me, as an attempt to intimidate me. They're talking about me, which is no surprise. Any time I attempted to make contact with FayeleneFyre to talk about these issues, suddenly my page-views skyrocket, quadruple the number I normally get on a typical day. Do I like being stalked for this? No, but who would? I know who you people are. You attempt to harass me and you will be blocked and reported. I will not name names at this point in time, but I will if I have to.

And I am only her most recent victim. She has pretended to be friends with other people before me and ripped them off too. Some of their stories are posted below on their respective devs:
Jace .:Collab:. by AquaTiffy  Tired of This... (Drama Warning) by AquaTiffy  Here We Go Again... (Drama Warning) by Metroid-Tamer

To my close friends that have supported me, thank you all. Please, for your sanity and sake, do not cross paths with these people. Please also do not go out of your way to attack anyone on my behalf. I may get attacked for this regardless of my warnings, so you may see that happening publicly and on this journal. Should you draw anything that FayeleneFyre likes, she WILL steal from you. She'll make friends with you and give you stuff so that you'll be ensnared in her trap and then stabbed in the back. If she watches you, never give her free art. Leeches will butt-kiss to get free stuff and these people are no different. They jump on impressionable, young people that are new to the deku fandom in attempt to bring them into their fold. 

On that note: FayeleneFyre, you are forever banned from receiving art from me in any form. You will never be allowed to participate in future trade projects, free sketches, one-on-one trades, collabs, and commissions. Neither will I draw such for your friends on your behalf. I gave you a chance to fix this and you blew it. All art I have done for you in the past has been removed from my gallery.

Surprise Livestream! --Offline

Wed Dec 28, 2016, 3:43 PM

Offline for now. ^^ I managed to finish a couple things, which I just need to look over again to make sure I didn't miss anything, then I'll post them. I will do another stream soon!

Merry Christmas! +It's a boy!

Sun Dec 25, 2016, 2:05 PM

Merry Christmas, everyone! If you don't celebrate, I hope you have a wonderful day anyway. :heart: CaterBug and I found out this last week that we're having another boy and we're thrilled! Sorry for keeping the news to ourselves so long! ;P Reason being we were waiting on pictures we had taken by a photographer to announce the baby's gender, and we just got those back lol

Thane has gotten so big and he's still doing very well! He recently also got glasses which are to die for :giggle:

He was showing some signs of some sort of seizure activity though, so we had to go back up on the medication we were trying to wean him off of. But we're okay with that. Actually, I'm glad we tried because now we know that particular medicine was actually doing something for him after all. I'll keep you guys posted about what we find out though. We're getting him another EEG to read his brainwaves to confirm if he was having seizure activity or not, sometime in the next week or so depending on when we get it scheduled. Otherwise, we're just so happy he's going to have a little brother close in age and they'll meet milestones together. :aww:

On the art-side of things, I'm finishing up a chibi Christmas/winter pic and should get that posted probably later today or early tomorrow! I'm hoping to try and get a bunch of stuff finished before school starts up again on the 10th of January. I have a few trades for the OC project that I'm focusing on during this break. Best case scenario is that I can finish all of them! I'll do the best I can. :D

Love you all! Merry Christmas and happy holidays!! :love:

Thane's first birthday!

Mon Dec 12, 2016, 1:36 AM

Hey guys!! So we just had an insanely busy week and I'm SO glad it's finally over. This week is another really busy week with doctor's appointments every single day, but then I have free time next week and will be able to work on things.

Thane's first birthday was on the 7th and we had a fun time as a family! :aww: We had a party with extended family on the 10th, and then celebrated my daughter's birthday on the 11th. Needless to say, I'm tired. But it was a time I was greatly looking forward to and I'm glad we made it!

Here's the birthday boy! :heart:

Just wanted to at least leave a quick update since you've all been SO supportive and patient with me this year. It's been, by far, the most difficult year of my life...but we made it through. With Thane being seizure-free, life is getting so much better and I just have to count my blessings. Artwork is still slow right now, but once finals are all over and we get through all our doctor's appointments this week, I can get things done. I hope you guys can forgive me for not responding to comments lately. :noes: I just don't have the time right now. I might not get around to the older comments, but I'm trying. ^^;

Also, we find out the gender of our surprise baby next Monday! I'm excited! :D

Hope you're all doing well! 

4 months of seizure-freedom!

Mon Nov 28, 2016, 2:36 PM

Hey guys, long time no see again it feels that way orz Things have ramped up as far as how busy I am as of late. This last month has been difficult because we literally got sick every single week with something different. We're finally healthy right now! :dummy: Last day of class, and the day everything is due, is next week. My husband will be basically living on campus until then, which makes me a lot busier at home. The next 2 weeks are loaded with exciting things! 

CaterBug and I are celebrating our anniversary this Sunday, followed by Thane's 1st birthday, then my daughter's birthday. Meanwhile throughout those two weeks we have doctor's appointments and everything, plus hubby's finals. It's not until the 3rd week of December that things calm down and there's nothing going on. I literally have not touched my paintings in more than a month, mainly from the art-block I had, but it seems that's improving a bit. I managed a few sketches from the ideas posted on my last journal, so thanks for that you guys! :heart:

Today marks 4 months since Thane's last seizure. He really is a miracle and I'm just so happy that he's doing so well! With physical therapy, he's getting stronger all the time (seizures make you physically weak, so he's behind on a lot). Next week on the 7th is his first birthday. :aww: I can't even tell you how much it means to us as a family to see him reach this milestone! There were many times earlier this year that we weren't even sure he'd live long enough to see his first birthday, but here we are. :love:

I promise you guys, I really DO have artwork coming soon. Things are just so dang SLOW right now and I am so busy with IRL things! I'm planning on making sure I post a bunch of stuff in December, even if it's toward the end of the year, it will happen. Miss you guys!! I'll get to posting some sketches soon and some real stuff next month for sure. Hope you're all doing well and had a good Thanksgiving break! :heart:

Hey guys, I feel like it's been forever again! I'm finally in the 2nd trimester and I'm starting to see more energy again. However, I'm currently in a major art block and I'm struggling to even sketch. :(

Feel free to comment with sketch ideas or links to OCs! I'm not guaranteeing I'll draw your OC, but it's possible. Please be kind and don't complain if I don't end up sketching your idea and/or OC. I really need to get past this so I can get back to work. It's driving me crazy not doing anything! :noes:
Lots of things have happened since my last, actual update! Over the summer I dealt with a lot of abdominal pain, and the loss of my Grandma. Still no real answers for the pain, but I'm noticing the pain seems to be originating from my gallbladder. Normally if there are issues a person can just go get it fixed, or at worse, have it surgically removed.

However, I've also recently found out that I'm pregnant again, so there's nothing I can do about my gallbladder until after this baby is born. This was a total surprise for both CaterBug and I, but we're excited! So far everything is going well and my ultrasound shows the baby is perfect. No signs of any developing subchorionic bleeds/tears like last time, which means I won't have hemorrhaging. Currently 8 weeks along and due in May! Babies that are developmentally behind actually do a lot better when they have a sibling really close in age. So for Thane's sake, we're excited he'll have a sibling to meet milestones with! :heart: He's also more than 2 months seizure-free! It's truly amazing. :love:

So what does this mean art-wise? I just have to get through the first trimester, about another month, and I'll have my energy back. I'm so fatigued I can fall asleep anywhere lol XD; But I'm doing the best I can. 3 weeks ago we all got sick with colds (and I had a double-ear infection), and then just this last week my daughter caught something at preschool if only other parents would follow the rules and keep their sick kids home orz. So we're all sick again. :shakefist: This time, both Thane and I got it the worst. Poor baby is awfully congested, and I'm suffering through since I can't have cold medicine. I basically slept most of the day today. :noes:

For the next week or so, I'll do my best to try and get into drawing again. I haven't touched my artwork for a whole month. I'll start with some simple stuff, maybe WW-style pics, and work my way up. I nod off even at my computer as of late, so I have to do quick things. Many apologies to those that are still waiting on artwork from me! :( I promise you'll see tons of stuff during November and December, but as it is, right now is hard. The first trimester always kills me and it doesn't help I keep getting sick augh. I really appreciate the support and patience though, you guys are great! ^^

Hope you're all doing well! :heart:
Hey guys, long time no see! I've been pretty busy these last two weeks because all of my kids and myself got sick. We had colds that went for more than a week, and both my daughter and I ended up with double ear-infections as a result of it. :noes: I'm still recovering, and not really seeing much difference with the antibiotics they're probably not strong enough orz, but at least the cold is basically gone. :aww:

Anyway, if you are able to, please consider commissioning :iconaquatiffy:! She's been experiencing some hard times with work cutting hours. Times are pretty desperate with almost nothing to get food. :( She also has adoptables available and the designs are great! If you're looking for a new OC, check them out!

Here's AquaTiffy's Commission info:
Commission Sheet - CLOSED by AquaTiffy
Adopts:  Designs up for AdoptI'm just going to throw some designs and unsold adopts into here. I'll submit it to some groups eventually. Comment on the journal if you're interested in any. $1 = 100:points: so feel free to offer points too!
Unsold Adopts
Corrupted Gem - (OPEN) - $10
Hey guys, thank you all so much for the birthday wishes! I had a great day! :aww: It's kind of weird to celebrate your birthday the older you get though. xD; It just seemed like any other busy day lol! But I appreciate the love nonetheless. :heart:

We're all doing great! I also wanted to announce that Thane has been more than a MONTH seizure-free!! His last seizure was on July 28th! He's doing wonderfully right now and is catching up in his development. He just gets stronger every day. I'm hoping that he'll be able to sit up on his own by his birthday in December. :D I'm already planning a big birthday party to celebrate! To be honest, I'm not the best at decorating, but I'll definitely try. XD If anyone has ideas on Christmas/Birthday treats and/or decor, let me know! I could use the ideas! 

Also, all those new Zelda Amiibo. >U I already preordered them LOL XD They're up on Amazon to preorder already, if you didn't know~ :dummy:

Anyway, hope you're all doing well! <3
Update: 3/2/17

:bulletblue: = Listed, sketched/sketching
:bulletred: = On hold or waiting on someone else
:bulletgreen: = Painting in progress

:star: Commission Work :star:
:bulletred: Book Cover, for D. L. Fairchild ---Design and layout stage (On hold, discussing with author)

:star: Trades :star:
:bulletgreen: (OC Project) Ty, for The-Linkinator ---currently painting
:bulletblue: (OC Project) Shadow, for TwiliYoshi ---sketched, waiting for color
:bulletgreen: (OC Project) Zatyr, for athorment ---currently painting

:star: Collabs :star:
:bulletblue: Coloring a collab with Oomsda
:bulletblue: Sketching Otheno VS Runede, to be colored by Corny-Eel
:bulletblue: Sketching Otheno x Ylith, to be colored by Camara-san
:bulletred: Sketched Kalla and Gero, waiting on finished colors by AquaTiffy

:star: Prizes/Other :star:

:star: Personal Work :star:
:bulletblue: Painting of Begonia
:bulletblue: Drawing studies of Tellah and Venori
:bulletblue: Writing a fanfic surrounding Tellah and how Otheno and Faheem were born
:bulletblue: Painting of Tellah/Venori
:bulletblue: Co-Writing fanfic of Otheno and Ylith (set 20 years before "The Master and the Sorceress") ---in the works, with Camara-san
:bulletblue: Disney Villain Portraits, Yzma and Gaston ---both are in planning stage
:bulletblue: portraits of Ilia, Yuga, Ganondorf and others
:bulletblue: More sketches that need to be painted my list is forever long
Every time I think to post a journal, it's been almost a month since the last one. XD; Sorry about that! Things are just busy as usual.

I threw my back out yesterday and it's become very difficult to walk around. Dumb thing about it is that all I was doing was bending over and suddenly it felt like lightning through my lower back :rage: It hurts all the time regardless of my position. I have to be careful for a few days to make sure it heals up okay. Hopefully it does so I can avoid seeing a doctor for it I've had enough of that ugh.

I'm working on some more sketches, really just trying to get to a comfortable point so I can start painting again. This summer has been a rough one for me, medically speaking. Besides the other things, like my grandma passing away last month. Emotionally it's getting better. I still have my moments, but I'm doing okay! My depression is under control and it seems the abdominal pain I was having is also going away THANK GOODNESS. It was probably stress-related since I never got any answers for the pain. :shrug:

As far as my kiddos go, everyone is doing really well right now! Wendy gets her hard-cast off on Friday. :boogie: Thane is also doing very well. Thanks to his Ketogenic-diet, the seizures are still under control and he's down to just 1 seizure per week still. He's starting to catch up developmentally too! He found his toes and loves to grab them, he can roll over and reach out for toys as well. These are huge developmental milestones, so I'm really happy! He goes to therapy twice every week and it's really been helping him. Still nothing on the language side of things though. :/ His disorder usually prevents language skills in kids that have it. He still just coos. No babbling or laughter yet...but you can always tell he's so happy anyway :heart:

But anyway, I just wanted to check in with you guys. I'm catching up on my messages, but if I missed something please reach out to me and let me know! I'm also open to doing some collabs, but only if I'm doing the sketching. I have too much on my plate to take on coloring. Note me if you're interested! ^^

Hope you're all doing well! <3
My daughter, Wendy, broke her leg today. :rage: We went to a fun jumping place today with trampolines and not even 5 minutes into our activity, she was double-bounced, collapsed and started screaming. She cried for 40 minutes and couldn't stand anymore, so I had to take her into urgent care. X-ray confirmed a fracture of the left tibia. :( Keeping a 2-year old from moving around too much will be difficult. For now she has a softer cast until the swelling goes down. Then next week she'll get a hard cast for 4-6 weeks. 

How about that for the cherry on top in my life as of late? I can't even orz

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you all for the lovely comments love support since my Grandma died. Her funeral was on Wednesday and it was beautiful. Definitely sad, but it was a lovely time spent with family and extended family that I haven't seen in a long while! I'm almost finished with a WW-styled commission. Unfortunately with all of the life events lately things have been very slow going on the art-side of things. I've even had some medical scares myself. I went to the ER late Monday night for abdominal pain, thinking it was my appendix or something. The tests were inconclusive. I still have a lot of pain and it's likely adhesions (scar tissue in bad places) because of my c-section. I will probably have to see a specialist to figure that out exactly. In the meantime it just hurts and sometimes causes me to double over in pain. :noes:

Hope you're all doing well!