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Hello hello!! Thanks for dropping by my page! :D

So here's a little bit about me: I'm an artist, entirely self-taught in what I do. I've been drawing since the 2nd grade 16 years lol, but became more interested and wanted to improve when I was in middle school. Since then, I've gone from drawing on lined paper to painting digitally with Photoshop CS5. Online, I originally went by the username "Ganondorfs-Girl". Those that remember that usually call me GG! :D

The best part of my day is spending time with my little family! I'm married (CaterBug is my hubby <33) with two adorable daughters and they sure keep me on my toes. :giggle: I don't always have the time to thank everyone that watches me, adds my works to their favorites, or sending me llamas! But Just so you know, I read every comment and I really appreciate the support. :heart:

Also, don't be shy to comment on my work! I love having new friends around here and talking about things. :aww:

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UPDATE 6/18/15:

I had another ultrasound this morning (didn't get to keep a picture this time). Two weeks ago they thought what I was dealing with was a sub-chorionic tear, but now they're not sure. It might actually be an amniotic band--which is a small rupture inside the amniotic sack that causes strings of tissue to hang around. And, if baby gets tangled up in it there is risk for damage to appendages. :( With either diagnoses there is risk. So I've been referred to Maternal Fetal Medicine at the hospital to get higher-resolution ultrasound images to determine what's going on exactly. As far as pelvic rest goes, I'm still on it, but I've been given the green-light to move around more (I'm even allowed to go to the grocery store now, yay!). Very relieved I don't have to be stuck at home all the time now, but now we have to wait another 2 weeks for that ultrasound, and then again in 2 weeks following that.

Despite the confusing diagnosis, they said baby looks perfect and is developing wonderfully! What a big relief! and baby was wiggling around so much that the ultrasound tech had a hard time measuring the heart-rate. (he did finally catch it though, ha!) I also caught a glimpse of the baby's facial profile. Looking forward to seeing that again later too. :)

A big THANK YOU for all of the good thoughts, positive words, and for all the prayers! It has been such a blessing to us. :heart: Now we're hoping and praying that all goes well, whether it's a sub-chorionic tear or amniotic band. 14 weeks and 4 days along today! :)


UPDATE 6/4/15: Copy/pasting what I said on FB, concerning my ultrasound this morning:

There's a lot I could say about what I'm feeling right now, it's hard to put it in words. On May 23rd I was in the ER with heavy bleeding, which they found to be a sub-chorionic tear. This is a tear that randomly occurs within the folds of the placenta and there are no known causes for it. I had an ultrasound last week to see how it was healing, and at the time it looked like it was resolving itself, but today's ultrasound shows that in the last week it grew in size. :(

(On the picture, you can see the baby's head on the left. Under the amniotic sac where the baby is, you can see where the tear starts and it continues past the baby. That BIG dark area is the tear.)

I don't think I've been more worried and scared in my life, just knowing that it's possible our baby might not survive. Right now the baby is fine, but if the tear doesn't heal...well, I'm sure you understand. The goal, according to my OB, is to make it to at least 24 weeks when the baby can survive outside the womb. Being on pelvic rest means I can't do a whole lot. I have to stay home and rest. I can't hold my children, I can't help around the house, I can't walk around very much. All I can do is sit, and hope and pray, that everything will be okay.

At this time I'm struggling emotionally with this. Not being able to do all the things I normally do is VERY hard. It's isolating, even. It's probably the biggest trial of my life right now. Even though I don't normally ask for help because I feel bad when I should...I need help. I need prayers and support. I'm so scared.


So let me tell you about my scary trip to the ER this last week :noes: I was out with family after my brother graduated high school, and while at a restaurant I suddenly had a GUSH of blood. That is of course, a really bad thing when you're pregnant. :fear: Practically hemorrhaging, my husband rushed me to the ER and honestly...I was just sure that I had lost the baby to miscarriage. After a long wait in the ER, and an ultrasound, they found that the baby is OKAY, first of all. Secondly, the cause was from a sub-chorionic hematoma/tear within the folds of the placenta. This is a very random occurrance and there's no explanation as to WHY it happens, but to make sure that the placenta doesn't separate and cause a miscarriage, I'm now on pelvic rest until further notice. (and I'm further banned from lifting anything more than 10's been hard on my kids since they like to be held)

I had a followup appointment on Wednesday and the ultrasound showed an active, wiggly baby so cute!! and the tear itself. The thing was TWICE the size of the baby, which really surprised everyone. However it IS resolving itself and healing, but because of the sheer size of the thing it'll take several weeks at least. I've just been incredibly tired and I'm really hoping to be feeling better soon!

On the art side of things, obviously going to the hospital kinda ruined my plans for having a couple paintings done this week, orz. But I'm currently back to work and working in shorter spurts since I get tired out quickly now. I apologize to those that I owe artwork!! I promise I'm trying the best I can! :(



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Later this year I'm celebrating 10 years on dA! Of these old pieces of art, I should redo... 

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Thanks for dropping by! :)

As a busy mom and artist, I don't always have the time to thank everyone that watches me, adds my works to their favorites, or sending me llamas! But Just so you know, I really appreciate the support and will continue to share my artwork as my THANKS to you guys! :heart:

Also, don't be shy to comment on my work! I love having new friends around here. :aww:


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